Whole Body Light Therapy in Sandy Utah

How It Works

Whole Body Light Therapy

Capture the Sun

We capture the healingred (660 nm)

frequencies of the sun.

Whole Body Light Therapy

Highest Quality Design

VevazzTM Bed – Revolutionary!

 No other device in the market offers such a

short treatment time per surface area.

Whole Body Light Therapy

Easy to Use

That the patients can do all by themselves.

ZERO staff or doctor involved.

Similar to using a tanning bed,

the patient simply Lays down and relaxes,

letting the table do the work.

Vevazz Whole Body Light Therapy Bed is an LED light therapy bed with FDA approval to help lose inches of fat. The bed and treatment itself is completely painless, non-invasive treatment for fat loss, reducing spots and body contouring.

The LED light used in whole body light therapy is strong enough to penetrate the fat cells and open them up no differently than if you were dieting and exercising.

Whole body light therapy has no negative side effects, is completely safe and only needs to be done for 10-20 minutes per session. The treatment itself can be done up to twice a week until the results you desire are achieved. The length of time is determined on whether the therapy itself is being used for pain or fat loss.


Benefits of Whole Body Light Therapy

•  Improved range of motion in joints
•  Increased muscle performance
•  Decrease in soreness after exercise
•  Beneficial in conjunction with diet and exercise against obesity

Clinically proven benefits of red and near-infrared light:

•  Reduced pain and inflammation
•  Improved recovery time after injuries
•  Faster achievement of optimal health
•  Fat reduction and increased metabolism
•  Better post-exercise recovery
•  Testimonies of improved sleep and depression

⦁  Healing of sun/UV damaged skin
⦁  Promotes faster wound healing
⦁  Improved blood flow
⦁  Treatment of acne
⦁  Improvement in appearance of wrinkles, pigmentation spots, stretch marks and/or scarring.
⦁  Skin rejuvenation, restoration
⦁  Loss in fat and inches