Lipo-laser Treatment in Sandy Utah

Lipo-laser is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that aids in reducing fat cells in the body. How Lipo-laser works is by using innovative laser technology that is able to shrink fat cells at the subcutaneous layer of skin, where fat is stored. This amazing non-invasive procedure also helps improve circulation, metabolism and increase lymphatic drainage.

Lipo-laser works by a simple process:

⦁  The laser is able to penetrate deeper and cause the fat cells to temporarily rupture
⦁  Fat cells release the organic material inside which is then filtered by your body to either be used for energy sources or simply expelled from the body itself
⦁  Fat cells shrink, think of dehydrated fruit, this is how your fat cells look after a treatment
⦁  The procedure itself is painless, and there is no downtime like archaic liposuction methods


Is Lipo-Laser only for fat reduction?

No, the Lipo-laser treatments, in addition to shrinking fat and reshaping your body, can also:

⦁  Reduce or eliminate stretch marks
⦁  Promote skin reduction
⦁  Reshape and contour the body
⦁  Aid in reducing pain and inflammation
⦁  Eradicate cellulite


What areas are treated with Lipo-Laser?

⦁  Thighs
⦁  Upper Arms
⦁  Stomach
⦁  “Love Handles”
⦁  Chin
⦁  Neck
⦁  Buttocks
⦁  Back


Benefits of Lipo-Laser

⦁  Affordable and longer lasting than conventional weight loss treatments
⦁  No preparation required before the treatment
⦁  FDA stamp of approval
⦁  Long-lasting and proven results
⦁  Painless with no after effects such as soreness, bruising and surgical wounds with the risk of infection
⦁  100% completely safe
⦁  No effort needed on your part, the Lipo-laser does the work for you


What is to be expected during the First Appointment?

During the initial consultation, the doctor will review your entire medical history, current medications, and weight to determine if Lipo-laser is the best course of treatment for you.

Once it’s determined that it is appropriate, then treatments can start immediately. You and the doctor will go over the results, determine treatment areas and make a plan together to shape your body and live a healthier lifestyle so that the results of your Lipo-laser body sculpting treatments are permanent.

After each treatment, no recovery or rest is needed. The procedure itself is relaxing and painless, and you are able to return to your everyday normal activities immediately after.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the treatment hurt at all?

No, the treatments are completely painless and you will feel nothing.

Is Lipo-Laser FDA approved?

Yes, the FDA approved the treatment based on 30+ years of study for treatment of pain and inflammation, as well as fat reduction.

Will I need to do extra things to lose fat?

This depends entirely on you and how much fat you ideally want to lose. For greater results, you and the doctor can formulate a plan to boost the treatments as well as improve your overall health.

How will I be able to keep the fat off?

Your doctor will educate on this during the plan-making phase of your treatment. This will include proper exercise, diet and hydration.

How does the fat disappear?

After the Lipo-laser causes the fat cells to rupture, the organic contents then are absorbed by the body to either be used as an energy source or is expelled from your body by natural processes.

How soon will I see results?

Over 95% of clients who received the treatment noticed results after the first session. Keep in mind; this varies from each individual to the next.

How much will I lose with a 6-week round?

Typically, with lifestyle changes in diet and exercise, along with Lipo-Laser therapy, clients have lost upwards of 12 inches or more